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Our priority

Make your energy transition

a success

Our priority

A comprehensive and flexible offer

After 13 years of activity and thanks to our technical and financial expertise, we are a platform of global solutions aimed at working on all the levers of the energy transition.

Energy efficiency

Sustainably reduce your energy consumption
Energy Efficiency Agreement (EEA)

Food and industrial refrigeration
Cooling for food and industry
Lighting, air conditioning, automation

Fluid, process, heat, etc.

Solar photovoltaic

A local, low-cost green electricity
Rooftop photovoltaic power plants 
Photovoltaic shade houses

Energy supply & services

Optimize your energy costs and enact a targeted strategy
Contract optimization
Cold as a service and utility as a service 
Energy consumption monitoring

Charging stations

Develop the network of electric vehicule charging points 
Supplier of power terminals for electric vehicules 

Business cases

to successfully transform your energy model

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As technical and financial experts, we assist each client in a realistic, committed energy transformation by getting Get value from the land you own and by consuming better and less.