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Our priority

Make your energy transition

a success

Our offers

A comprehensive and flexible offer

Thanks to 14 years of activity and our technical and financial expertise, we have an unique global offer of solutions aimed at working on all the levers of the energy transition to consume less and better 

Shift Production

Produce a green, local and economical electricity 
Rooftop photovoltaic   
Power plant 
Solar farms

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Shift Energy Services

Develop your energy strategy
Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption
Energy Saving Certificates (EEC)
Evaluation and adjustment of your energy contracts

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Shift Efficiency

Optimize energy costs and implement a targeted strategy
Energy audits by monitoring energy consumption
Energy performance contract (EPC)
Utility as a service

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Shift Mobility

Develop the network of electric vehicle charging points
Engineering, procurement and commissioning (IRVE)
Supervision and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations
Charge as a service

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Business cases

to successfully transform your energy model

  • Food retail
  • Non-food retail
  • Communities
  • Logistic
  • Industry
  • Other sectors

Present in Retail since 2007, we offer food distribution playersz solutions to ensure their energy transition. GreenYellow Indian Ocean offers sustainable and economical solutions for producing solar electricity, reducing energy consumption, monitoring the equipment installed according to their type (cooling, lighting, HVAC). 

Partner of specializesd brands and non-food distribution, we work alongside them to reduce their energy consumption, to develop their contribution to renewable energies and to contribute to the achievement of their CSR objectives, reduction of the footprint carbon. 

Local and public authorities are major players in the Indian Ocean, they are at the heart of the challenges of the energy transition. GreenYellow Indian Ocean offers solutions to reduce their consumption and develop renewable energies in each territory. 

The valuation of logistics spaces is at the heart of the GreenYellow Indian Ocean model, which supports companies in energy efficiency by intervening in all types (heating, cooling, lighting, HVAC) and for the production of green energy. This contributes to the achievement of the company's CSR objectives and to the reduction of its carbon footprint. 

We act on all the energy activities of industrialists by designing, financing and controlling the installations, and by guaranteeing the saving made. 

Our global and flexible offer allows us to be the energy ally of private health companies, service companies, hotel groups, ect. GreenYellow Indian Ocean can for example, build solar farms, agricultural sheds with solar roofs and intervene to reduce electricity consumption.