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GreenYellow Indian Ocean

With our presence in the Indian ocean since 2015, we are the ally of local economic players

A unique offer

Since 2015, GreenYellow Indian Ocean has been committed to the ecological transition. Thanks to our unique and comprehensive offer, we support our customers to make their energy transition a concrete and economic success !

We identify the needs of our customers by adopting each project according to their profile and their sector of activity to allow them to consume less and consume better.
More than a partner, GreenYellow Indian Ocean is the energy ally for businesses and communities in Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar to help them reduce their carbon footprint sustainably.

To achieve these results, we have developed a unique platform of offers that can be combined or activated individually :

Offers platform

Ally of private and public actors in their energy transition, the story of GreenYellow begins symbolically in the Indian Ocean.

The installation of our first solar power plant on the roofs of a hypermarket in Reunion Island marks the birth of many projects.

Reunion, Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar have the common feature of being bathed in sunshine, a key resource in our business. The sun allows us to support local players in the production of green, local, inexhaustible and cheaper electricity through roofs, parking shades and ground farms.

Our greatest pride is to be the developer of the largest solar power plant in the Indian Ocean located in Madagascar, more precisely in Ambatolampy south of Antananarivo. Built in 2018, this plant covers the annual electricity needs of 50,000 households in Antananarivo and Antsirabe and meets the growing energy needs linked to the economic and industrial development of the region.

Producing green, local and economical electricity by exploiting inexhaustible natural resources like the sun has become crucial for all the territories of the Indian Ocean.

More than 50 employees from Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar are working for a greener energy mix for our islands. In the Indian Ocean, GreenYellow is one of the leaders in solar energy with more than 70 MWp installed.