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GreenYellow Indian Ocean brings its expertise to reduce the energy bill of local economic players thanks to the know-how of more than 60 employees who operate from Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius and Mayotte.

Since its inception, GreenYellow has applied the philosophy that has made it successful: to be a solid local partner over the long term, to make the energy transition a creation of shared value. With a complete panel of solar photovoltaic solutions, which is our historical business, in energy efficiency, energy services and innovations, GreenYellow supports its customers on all of their needs: optimization of fossil energy consumption, lower carbon footprint, corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc.

Discover our different trades through the testimonials of our employees.

Aurélie VALLET 

Manager RH


"We are lucky to have a team made up of people with different origins and cultures, there is a lot of exchange, communication and listening which promotes success and creates a fabulous synergy on our 3 islands."


Project Manager 

"Working in a BU based in 3 different countries helps to develop the area you are in and when we have helped to build beautiful power plants such as Roland Garros Airport in Reunion Island or the largest photovoltaic plant in the Indian Ocean in Ambatolampy, I say to myself that it is both a personal and professional pride: we did it". 


Photovoltaic project developer "The advantage in my job is that I participate in the energy transition of Reunion Island"


Operations Manager

"I joined GreenYellow in March 2022 as an operations trainee in photovoltaics and energy efficiency, I was then hired as a permanent employee"

Nicolas Pinter

4 questions to Nicolas Pinter 

Energy Efficiency Project Developer

  •  Can you tell us more about your professional career ? 

 As a general engineer, I started my career in a large French industrial group as part of a training programme for young graduates. Driven by the desire to broaden my field of intervention, skills and experience abroad, I accepted the opportunity to join GreenYellow OI as an International Volunteer in Enterprise (VIE) in Mauritius as an Energy Efficiency Project Engineer. Very satisfied with this experience, I accepted at the end of my VIE to extend my local contract and to quickly evolve towards the position of Project Developer.  After 3 great years in Mauritius, I would now like to move closer to France. I will soon be joining the GreenYellow Occitanie team.

  •  Why did you choose GreenYellow Indian Ocean ?

After a few years with an energy installation company, dealing with energy equipment in a limited context, I was seduced by the challenge offered by GreenYellow to act on all of the customers' energy consumers in order to reduce their overall energy bill. Attracted by the challenge of helping in an area where much remains to be done and seduced by the dynamism of the team, I quickly accepted the opportunity to join GreenYellow Indian Ocean.

  • What do you like most about your job ?

What I like most about my job is the diversity, the engineering and the human interaction. The special context of our zone requires us to work with a wide variety of players (hotels, industry, health, retail, etc.) with different issues. The aim of the work is to exchange with all the stakeholders to understand their functioning and their needs as well as possible and to propose dedicated energy efficiency actions. It is a real satisfaction to be able to develop a technical and economic solution that satisfies all the parties while reducing the energy impact of our clients.

  • What advice would you give to the "you" of 5 years ago ?

The "me" of 5 years ago did not imagine that all this would be possible!

I would say: Go for it! Going abroad is a unique experience that is worth living at least once in your life. Working in a start-up company is also worthwhile. Go for it, it will only be positive !