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Ambatolampy : the construction of a photovoltaic solar farm

Solaire photovoltaïque

  • An ideally located achievement

The first photovoltaic solar farm developed by GreenYellow in Madagascar is located between Antananarivo (60 km south of the capital) and Antsirabe.
This strategic location covers the electricity needs of around 50,000 households, while meeting the growing demand for energy linked to the economic and industrial development of the Vakinankaratra region: + 76% in 2 years.

  • A real partnership

This exemplary project was developed thanks to the fruitful collaboration of Madagascan and French companies, which have collaborated and will collaborate throughout the development of the photovoltaic farm: land research, technical studies, construction, ... and during the operation of the installation over 25 years. A power purchase agreement has been signed with the national electricity company JIRAMA.

In addition, this project is fully in line with the ambition of enhanced regional cooperation between Madagascar and Reunion, relying on the staff of GreenYellow in Reunion and its teams in Madagascar.

  • One more step towards energy transition

The project developed by GreenYellow is in line with Madagascar's energy policy and the objectives set at COP 21, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, to meet an unmet need for electricity and a growing demand for industrial zones, Madagascar is diversifying its energy sources. This plant will respond to this double challenge by guaranteeing access to clean, reliable, competitive and rapid energy.

The key numbers 

  • 73 728

    panels installed

  • 20 MWp 

    of installed power

  • 28 

    hectares in area