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Corporate life: trek in the Black River Gorges for our Mauritian employees

The Black River Gorges form a 6,500 hectare natural national park with multiple hiking trails and breathtaking viewpoints.

The ideal place to organize a trek with colleagues to start the weekend !

With a 9am departure and led by a guide, the teams were able to discover an extremely well-stocked fauna and flora as they descended through the forest to arrive at a waterfall in which a well-deserved bath was possible !

It was then through some climbing prowess that the second waterfall was made accessible, with a panoramic view of all the gorges and the ocean in the background.

A great opportunity for everyone to discover this corner of Mauritian paradise, to create many informal exchanges and to recharge their batteries in the heart of nature.

A small substantial break, and it's already time to go back up, while admiring the tireless landscape of the gorges one last time.