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Produce green, local and economical electricity

Consume green electricity and participate in the decarbonization of energy 

GreenYellow Indian Ocean is a single point of contact, the leader in photovoltaic in the Indian Ocean. The great wealth of the Indian Ocean in sunshine allows us to put our skills at the service of private and public actors. We design the installations that best suits your needs, then we take care of the financing, construction and long-term operation. 

Our solar solutions can be combined with other solutions from our global offer or activated individually: Solar grid injection, Solar PV self-consumption, Hybrid systems, Floating solar, ...

Your benefits 

  • Add value to all surfaces : car parks, roofs, retention basins, land, etc. 
  • Produce green, economical and local energy thanks to photovoltaic solar energy 
  • Reduce your energy costs by up to 50%
  • Visibly express your environmental commitments 
  • Create an additional source of income by leasing your assets 

The advantages of GreenYellow Indian Ocean 

Recognized expertise 

Photovoltaics has been our historical business since 2007 with the installation of shade shelters and rooftop power plants in Reunion Island, solar farms in Mauritius and Madagascar 


0 € investment 

We can finance 100% of the equipment 

Without conflict of use 

To reduce the impact on operations during works, we can intervene on an occupied site 

+ 300 MWp

of photovoltaic plants built and in operation worlwide