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Shift Efficiency : Utility as a service

Save money on your heating and cooling installations

GreenYellow Indian Ocean supports you in reducing your energy consumption. Act on your entire value chain, particularly on your cold and heat consumption through new, more efficient installations.

Thanks to our Utility-as-a-service solutions, modernize your equipment : Optimal Lighting, chillers and boilers, HVAC solutions, refrigeration, ...

Your benefits 

  • Consume only the cold and heat you need 
  • Have greater visibility on your consumption 
  • Take advantage of the maintenance service for your equipment 
  • Save energy   
  • Adopt the new refrigerant gas regulation 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 


The advantages of GreenYellow Indian Ocean


of your facilities 


Personalized follow-up

Alerts in the event of a malfunction, direct monitoring of your energy consumption



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